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The history of our system must start with the history of Grand Master Jong Woo Kim.  Following WWII, and an end to nearly 50 of Japanese occupation, Grand Master Kim was born into a country that was just beginning to redefine itself. As the Japanese had attempted to wipe out all s Aymbols of national distinction, the Korean government was eager to support the development of any program or activity was would help the Korean people regain a sense of national pride. Many Tae Kwon Do schools opened in Korea at this this time. These schools taught a wide variety of techniques ranging from traditional Korean styles to techniques brought back with the returning Koreans from all parts of the orient.

Grand Master Jong Woo Kim was born in Taegu, Korea in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Silla in the south eastern section of the country. The Hwarang-Do, the knights that first unified Korea, were from this ancient kingdom. Korean is slightly larger than the state of Indiana with a populations of 45 million.  It is a mountainous country known best to its own people as "the land of the morning calm".  Tae Han is it's indigenous name.  Korea, the western name for the country, originated from the Koryo Dynasty meaning, "high and beautiful".

When he was eight years old, Grand Master Kim enrolled in a martial arts school to begin his study of Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  He walked six miles a day to his Dojang. Eventually he was practicing four hours a day, six days a week. He earned his first black belt in Judo and Tae Kwon Do while he was still in middle school. He became so proficient in his practice that he was offered a martial arts scholarship to attend Young Nam Universit, the most prestigious university in the nation for the study of Judo. 

While in college Grand Master Kim became the captain of the Judo team, won the National Collegiate Judo Championship in 1963, and as a result was awarded a promotion to fourth degree Black Belt. This began a long string of victories and advancements for him that included being National Champion two years in a row, selection for the 1964 Korean Olympic team and Korean World Judo Champion team. All these honors led to Grand Master Kim being sent by the Korean government to the United States. The U.S. AAU had asked the Korean government for  assistance in developing a Judo program. 

Grand Master Kim spent two years in Kansas City, at the Bushidokan Acadamy as Head Instructor.  While there, he trained the Kansas City Chiefs football team in Judo techniques.  The Chiefs modified some the techniques for use in football and soon the rest of the league was using the same techniques. Grand Master Kim also had the opportunity to work with several celebrities of the day while at the Bushidokan Acadamy. Not the least of which were Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.  At that time only a small number of Americans had even heard of Judo and even smaller number had any opportunity to actually learn it. Therefore, Grand Master Kim's instruction was very valuable. 


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